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Fifth Grade Activities

Forms & Letters

Co-Chairs 2017/18: 

Terra Tortorello and Molly King 

​Fifth Grade Activities

In three months our fifth graders will be leaving Burr and moving on to middle school. Many events are in the works to celebrate this memorable time in their lives. We want to keep you informed of these activities. 

We are asking each family to contribute $30 per student​to help cover some of the costs associated with these activities such as the Westport YMCA Field Day, last day lunch, community service project, and the moving up ceremony. Please make your $30 check payable to Burr Elementary School PTA and have your child give it to his/her teacher by Friday, April 27th. ​ Please note that the cost of the school field trip organized by the teachers will be separate from this fee. 


  • Friday June 8th: Fifth Grade Field Day at the Westport YMCA
  • Tuesday June 19th: Moving Up Ceremony
  • Thursday June 21st: Fifth Grade Lunch

Field Day at Westport YMCA
Date: Friday June 8th
Chairs: Jennifer Wingate and Jennifer Sweetland

Details: Students will be transported to and from the YMCA by bus on June 8thfor a day of fun.  Pizza and ice cream will be served for lunch as well.  Please have students wear their 5thgrade t-shirts, and sign and return the attached waiver.  All parents are welcome to attend.  Please be on the lookout for a signup genius email closer to the event, where you can volunteer to donate snacks and drinks (or your time) for the day!

Moving Up Ceremony
Date: Tuesday June 19th
Chairs: Programs - Kristin Willett; Decorations - Jill Matturo and Terrah Mulligan; Class Memories - Yvette De Ruijter; Food - Allyson Marcus; Certificates – Holly Calmus, Vicki Swanson; Class gifts - Molly King and Terra Tortorello

Details: The fifth graders and their families are invited to the moving up ceremony. The students will receive their certificates, a video of memories from their years at Burr is shown, songs are sung, and refreshments are provided. The ceremony will begin at 1:30 and should last no longer than one hour.  It will be followed by a half hour reception in the cafeteria which will finish at 3pm. Important things to note:

Suggested (but not required) dress for graduation

Boys – dress pants and nice shirt (tie optional)
Girls - dress/skirt with a nice top
Shoes - Students must be able to walk in and out of the gym and up and down from the stage in their shoes comfortably

Please keep your eyes out for an important communication from Mr. Bluestein regarding more specific details and logistics for the graduation ceremony as the date approaches.

Class Memories
Chair: Yvette De Ruijter 

Details: Yvette has been busy producing this spectacular memoir for our children.  The video will be shown during the graduation ceremony and then emailed as a link for all parents to download if they wish.  It is not too late to send pictures!  Email them to Yvette at burrclass2018@gmail.com as soon as possible.  

Community Service
Chair: Melissa Speight 

Details: In late April/early May the students will work together to clean up the atrium outside near the cafeteria, and each add a plant to the garden. This project will be completed during the school day.

Class Gift 
Chairs: Connie Bennett and Vicki Swanson 

Details: Each year, the 5th grade class leaves behind a gift to Burr.  This year, the students are helping paint a mural of a pair of wings, leaving the message for students to "spread their wings" at Burr.  The mural is just to the left of the front desk at the school, so next time you are in the building please stop to admire your children’s beautiful work in progress!  We also plan to give the school a gift (possible options include a lunch bell or a Burr school flag).  These gifts are supported by the student activity fee.

Last Day Lunch
Chairs: Kristin Brice, Lynsey Lotty, Allyson Marcus, Theresa Mcintosh, Nicole Miranda, Jennifer Sweetland 

Details: Lunch will be provided to the entire 5th grade class on Thursday, June 21st.  More details to come.

If you would like to help with ANY activities please note your interest below, contact the chair person of the event, or contact the Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chairs, Molly King and Terra Tortorello.  Further details about these events will be provided as they get closer. Be sure to read the Burr Buzz under the “5th Grade Activities” section for additional updates.

Please have your child return 1) the form, 2) the waiver for Field Day, and 3) $30 check payable to Burr Elementary School PTA marked “5thGrade Activities” by Friday, April 27th.  Mrs. Beno, Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Jasgur will each have a box in their classroom for collecting the forms and checks.  Scholarships are available to offset costs with year-end activities.  Please contact Mr. Bluestein for more information.

Thank you!