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Burr Elementary School PTA 

Virtual Green Folder

Every committee should have a "Green Folder" that gets handed down year after year.  If there are multiple co-chairs, there remains only one “Green Folder” (please decide who will be the “keeper”).  Inside this folder are historical Committee Review forms and other documents that will provide you with the necessary information to help you with your committee. 

If you do not have this “Green Folder”, please contact your VP immediately.

Every year a supplement is issued to each chair which provides “how to” instructions for that year. These forms are all on the Burr PTA web site to download and print. We have provided some forms in paper format in the Green Folder to help committees get started. Below is the Virtual Green Folder Table of Contents.  Documents noted as “Hard copy” will also be in the committee Green Folder provided by the VP.

Step 1: Contacts

Step 2: Schedule the Event

 Step 3: Promoting the Event

  • Burr PTA Guidelines for Submitting Material for Promotion (Hard copy)

Step 4: Financial Information

Step 5: Completing the Event

If you have any questions, please contact one of our PTA Volunteer Coordinators! Thanks for volunteering!

Rebecca Press

Christine Yerranossian